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Our researchers don't just stop at knowledge creation. We work with partners from business, 政府, academia and 社区 to turn our cutting-edge research into practical solutions, 影响遍及全球. 我们的研究应用范围 从开发新产品, services and processes to improving quality and efficiency, and promoting social and economic development.


在全球范围内, research at Murdoch University strives to be relevant to all Western Australians, particularly those living in regional 区域. Our research institutes have been designed to engage strongly with our regions, as it is in these 区域, outside the 珀斯 metropolitan area, where our research can have the strongest impact, 改善地面管理, 政策和卫生成果.

We partner with 政府 and local organisations to translate our research into actionable outcomes, 包括 皮尔哈维集水区委员会, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, 皮发展委员会. 我们自己的 research initiatives also focus on these 区域, such as the 水生巨型动物研究小组Ngangk Yira研究中心.


Murdoch University undertakes a wide range of defence related research that involves close collaboration with communities, 行业和政府. As a member of the Defence 行业 安全 Program 和 Team WA group of universities that coordinate on defence research activities, we welcome new partners in this area.

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Here are some examples of practical research undertaken by Murdoch's expert researchers.